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To better serve our community and our students, Pataula Charter Academy, Inc. operates a Bright from the Start Georgia Pre-K program.  This program is completely separate from PCA's K-12 charter.  Therefore, when enrolling in PCA's Kindergarten classes, no enrollment priority may be given to students who attended PCA's Pre-K .  We also may not count a Pre-K student as a "PCA student" for the purposes of giving sibling priority for a Pre-K student's sibling wishing to enroll in PCA in grades K-12.  However, if a student wishing to enroll in PCA's Pre-K has a sibling attending PCA in grades K-12, we may give priority to the Pre-K student in the Pre-K lottery. 
***This is due to the fact that laws/rules regarding enrollment priorities for charter schools differ from Bright From the Start Pre-K laws/rules for enrollment procedures.
Bright From the Start's Georgia Pre-K program is a free, public early learning program for students 4 years of age by September 1.  Pataula Charter Academy, Inc. has been granted two classes with a maximum enrollment of 22 in each class.  If more students apply than we have spots available, we will hold a lottery to determine enrollment.  For more information on the program visit Bright From the Start's website at