School Nutrition Program

Pataula Charter Academy is proud to offer nutritious and delicious breakfasts and lunches to our students!  Please click below for more information and the monthly menu. 
 The UGA Extension office of Calhoun County awarded Pataula Charter Academy, School Nutrition Program a grant valued at approximately $1000. 
This grant included numerous posters, paw print decals etc. to brighten the lunchroom - these posters will prompt students to make healthy choices. The fruit bowls/baskets awarded will make the fruit look more appealing for students. Equipment was awarded for school nutrition staff to quickly cut fruits (in half; or quarters) so the fruit/vegetables be placed and arranged in portion cups for easy pick up for students. A cart and "shakers" were awarded to provide additional seasoning for students to personalize their meals. Thank you so much UGA Calhoun County Extension office for your generous donation.