Federal Programs/Official Notices

Pataula Charter Academy is a Title I School.  Title I is a federal program with the purpose of increasing achievement of disadvantage students.  As a Title I school, we have a District/School Improvement Plan and a Parental Involvement Policy that focuses on improvement of student achievement at our school.  Every spring, a comprehensive needs assessment is completed to identify areas of weakness for improvement planning.  Stakeholders are invited to participate in the needs assessment and improvement planning process.   If you are interested in participating in this process, please contact Kathy Martin, [email protected].  Notices are also sent home with students and posted online when the process starts each spring.
Our most recent plan and other documents pertaining to Title I and other federal programs can be found for download below.  They are also available upon request in the school's main office.
Kathy Martin
Federal Programs Director
354-4002 Ext: 304     
Title I and Title II Policies and Documents
Homeless Liaison - Kathy Martin 
Special Education Director and 504 Coordinator
Amy Peel
18909 Hartford St. Edison, GA 39846

Title IX Compliance Officer

Superintendent Kylie Holley

18909 Hartford St., Edison, GA 39846

[email protected]