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Board Members

The Pataula Charter Academy, Incorporated Governing Board is seeking new members. This Board governs and oversees Pataula Charter Academy and Spring Creek Charter Academy. As we add new members, we are attempting to diversify the Board in race, residency, and skill sets.  We are specifically seeking members residing in the Spring Creek Charter Academy attendance zone and/or members with backgrounds in construction management, marketing/communications, and/or fundraising. However, those qualifications are not required in order to apply. If you are interested in serving, please send a resume to incoming Board Chair, Rochelle Sapp at [email protected] and Superintendent, Kylie Holley at [email protected]. You can learn more about Board membership by reviewing Board policies on our website at https://www.pataula.net/apps/pages/index.jsp?uREC_ID=953126&type=d&pREC_ID=1279132.


*Serving Pataula Charter Academy and Spring Creek Charter Academy
Rochelle Sapp - Board Chair and Chair of Academic Excellence Committee - [email protected]
Grayson Flowers - Vice Chair [email protected] 
Rhonda Collins - Treasurer and Chair of Finance Committee - [email protected]
Jennifer Sanders - Secretary and Chair of Governance Committee - [email protected]
Ronnie Lane - [email protected] 
Kakeya Gilbert - [email protected] 
Lindsey Hixon - [email protected] 
Erica Austin - [email protected]
Summer Confer - [email protected] 
Ex-Oficio Members:
Kylie Holley, Superintendent - [email protected]
Cheryl Weathersby, CFO/Business Manager - [email protected]
*Prior to contacting the Board about complaints or appeals the proper chain of command should be followed.  The Chain of Command for each school is listed below.  After following the chain of command, if you still have not found a satisfactory resolution, you should contact Board Chair, Rochelle Sapp at [email protected], to determine the next course of action.  Please see the "Public Participation at Board Meetings" Policy below for procedures for addressing the Board.  Individual Board members should not be contacted about complaints or appeals.