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PCA Ambassadors

PCA Ambassador Mission Statement

The mission of the PCA Ambassadors is to maintain a positive and productive high school school culture where students strive to better themselves and their classmates by encouraging, respecting, supporting, and caring about each other and the school.

 The PCA Way as Defined by our Ambassadors

Many people wonder about the PCA Way. “What is it?” The PCA Way goes hand in hand with our mission statement here at Pataula Charter Academy. Our mission is, “... to prepare students for life-long success by partnering with families and communities to create a safe, nurturing learning environment that engages and challenges students, fosters creativity, and instills integrity and leadership skills that inspire students to reach their full potential.”

The PCA ambassadors, a group of students committed to representing the PCA way, listed key qualities that PCA students should possess. As a whole, the PCA ambassadors listed the attributes of the PCA Way: positive attitudes, a desire or  yearning for quality education, strive for excellence, school spirit, family oriented, aware of the right choices, respect towards fellow classmates and administration, reliability, and pushing students to their best ability. By demonstrating these qualities, our students are able to prosper and exceed. As a whole, the PCA Way defines Pataula Charter Academy.






Savanna Bradley

Behtsy Rivas

Jayden Anderson 

Dayleigh Beard

PT Wolfe

Brailyn Boyd

Ashton Weathersby

Emma Carr

Raleigh Purvis

Meredith Wilson

Jacqueline Terwilliger

Henry Holley

Carmen Carter

Dianna Murillo

Tripp Tyson