Coming Soon: Showcase of Learning

Learning expeditions and case studies are the signature of PCAs curricular structure. Each year students participate in long term, in depth studies that offer real world connections and inspire students toward higher levels of academic achievement. Learning expeditions involve students in original research, critical thinking, and problem solving. In addition, they build character and citizenship along with academic skills. All learning expeditions explicitly focus on building literacy skills particularly in reading and writing nonfiction texts and writing from evidence. Learning expeditions are typically 6-12 weeks in duration, although sometimes longer.
For the past eleven years Gallery Night has been a much anticipated event where families and community members come to the school to see the expedition displays. These expeditions tell the story of learning that has taken place that year, and they are always an impressive sight reminding both students and adults of all the learning that has taken place.
The schedule for the virtual release of each expedition is listed below.
Monday, April 5
8th Grade
9th Grade
10th Grade Geometry
Tuesday, April 6
Ms. Wendy and Ms. Ashley’s Class
Sixth Grade
10th Grade Biology
Wednesday, April 7
First Grade
7th Grade
10th Grade Literature
Business & Technology
Thursday, April 8
Second Grade
Fifth Grade
12th Grade Government/Civics
Friday, April 9
Third Grade
Fourth Grade
Plant Science