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New Proposed School/Replication

A new public charter school based on the successful model of PCA will be opening in Fall 2019. This new charter school's attendance zone will include Decatur, Miller and Seminole counties.  The location for the school is not yet finalized, but now that we have received official approval that will be top priority.  Pre-enrollment forms will be released in November and the lottery for enrollment will be held in January.  We will also likely start taking applications for employment in January.  
We will post information here as decisions are made and new information is available.    Although, SCCA is a replication of PCA, the two schools are completely separate entities.  Please understand that the PCA office staff are not equipped to answer questions about SCCA.  For now, if you have specific questions about SCCA, please email them to springcreek@pataula.net We will let you know when we have set up a direct way for our new SCCA Administrator to take questions by phone.
*Below are a few documents for you to learn more about Spring Creek Charter Academy.
 *See below for press releases on the approval of Spring Creek Charter Academy




Enrollment Update - We will release the Pre-Enrollment form November 1. The deadline for those forms is Friday, January 11 at 3PM, to be included in the Lottery. The Lottery will be held Saturday, January 19th at 10AM, location TBD.

Employment Update - We are working now on determining what positions we will likely hire for the first year. However, that will largely depend on the number of students we enroll. While we hope and anticipate reaching full anticipated enrollment, we have to be sure before making hires. So, we will put out applications in January and begin interviewing after the lottery.

Campus Visits - We have already had parents calling wanting to visit PCA. While we understand this and want to give this opportunity, allowing individual tours will be extremely taxing on our PCA staff. So, we have decided to have 3 scheduled times for campus tours:

Thursday, November 1 at 1:15 - This day will be different from the other 2. We will start with a Q and A session. Then parents will observe a Panther Pals meeting and a Community Circle, two exciting strategies we use for building a positive school culture. This day there will not be any classroom observations. This day is also our Fall Festival, so you are invited to stay after school and attend that as well.

Wed, Nov. 28 @ 8AM and Tues, Dec. 4 @ 1PM- These two days will begin with observing a Crew (another huge part of our school culture), classroom visits to observe instruction, and a Q and A session.

Ideally, parents should come to the Nov. 1 and one of the classroom visits to get the full feel of our model. However, parents are welcome to come to any or all that they choose.

We are continuing to work on facility options and will give updates as we get new information.