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New Proposed School/Replication

The PCA Inc. Board of Directors is creating a Spring Creek Charter Academy Advisory Committee to help with planning and marketing the new school.  We are seeking a diverse group of parents and community members that represent the communities we will serve.  Once approved, we will also be adding Board members from the SCCA attendance zone.  We will potentially choose those Board members from this committee.  If you are interested in serving on the advisory committee, please send Kylie Holley an email at kholley@pataula.net.
Pataula Charter Academy is considering opening a new public charter school based on its successful model. This new charter school's proposed attendance zone may include Decatur, Miller and Seminole counties depending on interest and input from the communities.
Pataula's board and administrators would like to thank all of the interested parents and community members who attended one of our public meetings. We have attached the PowerPoint from the meeting for parents who were unable to attend.  We will be holding more meetings, as well.  So, if you were unable to attend, we encourage you to check back here often and join the Facebook group Pataula Charter Replication, to be informed of future meetings.
Spring Creek Charter Academy Update

The charter applications have been submitted, and we are anxiously awaiting approval. We have heard from all of the local districts that their Boards intend to vote on the petition at their August board meetings. We also applied to the State Charter School Commission in the event we are denied by the local districts. That process will be a bit longer. We will likely not hear a final answer from them until November or December.


We are confident that we will be approved due to the successful track record of PCA. So, we are forging ahead.  Spring Creek Charter Principal, Mr. Robert Grimes, who will be training at PCA this year, is excited to get started!


We are also still searching for a facility. If you have any ideas, please contact Cheryl Weathersby at cweathersby@pataula.net. We will keep you updated as things progress.